Optical Extensometers

one with clamps h400

ONE Optical Extensometer

The X-Sight Extensometer ONE is our top-notch universal tool for accurate, non-contact measurements of strain and deformation, ideal for materials testing. Its design focuses on ease of use and cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency in both research environments and quality control processes.


ONE LARGE Optical Extensometer

The X-Sight Extensometer ONE LARGE is our advanced, non-contact tool for accurately measuring strain and deformation in longer or more elongating specimens, perfect for materials testing. Its design and technology make it easy and efficient for handling extensive testing needs in research and quality control.

X-Sight extensometer 3D ONE

3D ONE Optical Extensometer

The 3D ONE Optical Extensometer combines two ONE extensometers in dual mode, utilizing the 3D DIC software module for comprehensive 3D strain and deformation measurements. This configuration offers unparalleled precision and user-friendliness for materials testing, making it ideal for sophisticated research and quality control that requires 3D data analysis.

X-Sight extensometer HT

HT Optical Extensometer

The HT Extensometer excels in high-temperature environments, accurately measuring strain and deformation up to 1800°C. Ideal for demanding material tests, it combines precision with a user-friendly interface, suitable for both research and industrial high-temperature applications.


  • Compliance with ISO 9513: Class 1 (Class 0.5); ASTME 83-10: Class B-1
  • Compliance with ISO 6892-1 in the strain rate control mode
  • All measuring devices are suitable for evaluating anisotropic properties according to ISO 527-1
  • Applicable to high-temperature and climate-chamber measurements according to ISO 6892-2
  • Axial and radial neck detection and many more features
Miniature Specimen Measurement

Miniature Specimen Measurement

X Sight Tensile Test Strain Map

Tensile Test Strain Map

X Sight Flexural Test Motion Analysis

Flexural Test Motion Analysis

X Sight Extreme Line Probe Feature

Extreme Line Probe Feature

X Sight Crack Growth Measurement

Crack Growth Measurement


Optical extensometers DIC software 1

The Alpha DIC software is an industry-recognized instrument for optical measurement and analysis of deformation, vibration, and strain of virtually any material or structure.

  • Alpha follows a modular approach offering optimized ergonomy for advanced research and routine measurement
  • Alpha has a wide palette of engineering testing options and software tools for any type of testing (tensile, compression, torsion, shear, flexural)
  • Alpha DIC is founded upon the digital image correlation measuring technique and offers cutting-edge machine vision technology with specialized features