• Universal solution for all engineering measurements
  • Ideal for component and material testing
  • Adjustable for wide range of applications
  • Complete DIC software functionality


*compliant to ISO 9513

  • In-Plane subpixel resolution: < 0.008%
  • Out-of-Plane subpixel resolution: 0.016%
  • Strain resolution 50 microstrains
    • 10 microstrains with time averaging
    • 5 microstrain in optical extensometer mode
  • Strain range from 0.005% to > 2000%
  • Measuring area (specimen size) range from 1 mm to 100 m
    • < 10 mm specimen must be measured with a special microscope
    • 10 m specimen can only be calibrated using the LOCF (Large Object Calibration Function)
  • DIC of natural patterns, speckle patterns, image features and markers

Portable DIC 3D Measurement Kit

Our DIC 3D system comes conveniently packaged in a practical carrying case, ensuring you have all you need for comprehensive measurement on the go. The complete kit includes:

  • 2 × low-noise camera
  • calibration grids & speckle kit
  • camera mount
  • standard lenses of chosen focal length
  • battery LED lighting
  • transport box, cables and power sources
  • converter – 4-channel A/D, 2-channel D/A
  • USB license dongle with installation SW
  • installation assistance and training
  • 24 hrs of engineering support over 12 months
DIC3D box 2


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