X-Sight 4000 series Extensometers

4000 series model coding

4000VE model description
VE 4000 series
X-Sight 4000 VE
X-Sight 4000-D VE (dual camera)
X-Sight 4000-3D VE (stereoscopic)


  • Compliance with ISO 9513 and ASTME E83 
  • Compliance with ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8 in the strain rate control mode 
  • Usable with most ISO and ASTM for determination of tensile properties for metallic materials, plastics, elastomers, composites, concretes, and many more
  • Applicable to high-temperature and climate chamber measurements
  • Simple to use with operator mode
  • Axial and radial neck detection and many more features 
  • Easily implementable into the automatic lines
  • Wide range of measuring tools for advanced deformation analyses
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