• Modularity

    Alpha adopts a modular design, ensuring optimal user-friendliness for both complex research and everyday measurements.

  • Diverse Probes for Testing

    Alpha offers a broad range of testing options and tools for various tests, including tensile, compression, torsion, shear, and flexural.

  • Technical support

    Our technical support offers fast, expert help for any issue. We prioritize professionalism and quick resolutions, ensuring you receive the best assistance.

Alpha 1

Measuring probes

Extreme Line

Advanced probe for axial neck detection, provides
an improved E-modulus reading.

ROD Line

Advanced line measurement probe with axial neck
detection feature for samples with oxide or rust layer.

Line Value Distribution

Provides a colorful visualization of different value
types when using probes based on segmented lines.


An elementary
measuring probe for
strain and length

Crack Probe

Measures a crack
length during
static or dynamic

Trans Line

Used for multi-positional transversal
measurement with
averaged and max/min width functions.


Bend Line

A probe designed to be used during bending tests. Measures strain over a curved shape and enables the visualization of the strain distribution in real-time.

Bridge Tool

A series of consecutive rectangles placed on
repeating patterns of measured objects of known
dimensions. Allows measuring deflection and sway.

Torsion Line

Enables dual position
angular twist and strain

Point probe

A basic measuring
probe for

Anchor Point

Allows to isolate
displacements of
other probes.

DIC Area

A full-field probe for strain and displacement distribution mapping. Supports evenly
triangulated mesh as well as mesh based on user-defined points.