X-Sight ONE

The ONE Video Extensometer You Want

X-Sight ONE

The video extensometer ONE employs the most advanced Digital Image Correlation technology reaching state of the art. Its ease of use and compactness make the ONE device currently the most Xsighting device for strain measurement.

ONE combines high-precision measurement with a user-friendly graphic interface to help focus on the experiment itself during tensile, compression, bending, shear, torsion, and fatigue testing.


  • Default single-cam measurement length: 240 mm (130 mm)
  • Default resolution: ISO 9513: Class 1 (Class 0.5); ASTME 83-10: Class B-1
  • Gauge length: selectable single or multiple gauge lengths
  • Data acquisition rate: 75-200 Hz
  • Axial and radial neck detection
  • Torsion testing
  • Lighting: auto-switching light

The devices are stackable. For longer specimen, two or three ONEs can be mounted next to or on top of each other.