X-Sight ROD

Rebar-Oxide-Deformation - a system designed for steel rods!

X-Sight ROD

ROD is our state-of-the-art video extensometer optimized for tensile testing of reinforcing steel.

It is a dual-camera dustproof device designed for a rough industrial environment.

The unique ITT functionality of the Alpha software allows for measuring specimen with an oxide or rust layer, falling off significantly, making the use of standard video extensometers almost impossible.

The measuring system is aimed at being as simple and precise as possible in terms of minimal requirements for specimen preparation, calibration, and operator interventions.


  • 550 x 100mm measurable area
  • Default res. ISO9513:Class 1 ASTME83-10: Class B-1 for L0 >25mm
  • Capable of Young's modulus reading
  • Working distance approximately 560mm
  • Gauge Length: Selectable single or multiple gauge lengths
  • Data acquisition rate: >40Hz (typically 100Hz)
  • Lighting: Auto-switching light
  • Alpha software equipped with ITT (Intelligent Tensile Testing feature)