Alpha Strain Analysis SW now measures in space. No, not the outer space, but in 3D. So let's dig in and measure some real challenges on complex specimen geometries.

Whether it is verifying CAE model predictions, validating your FEM results or assessing mechanical deformations of prototypes, components, or specimen, now it is easier than ever to get the most from a single experiment.

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The ultimate versatility and width of usage make FreeD a 'must have' for every R&D facility.

It can be equipped with a large variety of cameras, lenses, lights, and further optical accessories. 

  • Tensile - Axial / Transversal
  • Compression
  • Bending
  • Shear
  • Torsion

Stereo ONE

A 3D expansion of our industrial top-selling device opens an opportunity to measure specimens of complex geometry or specimens showing large out-of-plane displacement during the test.

Suitable mainly as an auxiliary sensor for testing machines where it can be fixed and calibrated without re-setting for longer time periods.


The Camera System MONO is a straightforward single- or multi-camera device suitable for experimental validation of your designs, calculations, numerical simulations, and further assessment of various mechanical characteristics of your machines, assemblies, and structures.

Equipped with the Alpha strain analysis software, MONO provides precise realtime measurement, prompt deformation analysis, and delivers results with nanometric resolution.

3D Features of the X-Sight Alpha SW

With the stereoscopic application Alpha SW opens a new horizon of DIC measurement. Among the standard features included in its monoscopic setup, the 3D module brings these exciting abilities:

  • Spatial real-time measurement

  • SW optimized for low latency - processing frames at high FPS

  • An assisted 3D calibration procedure

  • Advanced calibration grid accuracy - easy adjustment for faster calibration

  • Multiple stereo camera pair support for extended Field of View

  • Stereo camera synchronization supporting multiple camera pairs

  • Real-time 3D plots

  • Real-time value averaging

  • Time to Measured value charts

  • Measurement probes

    • 3D Point - comparable to 2D Point

    • 3D Line - comparable to 2D Line

    • 3D Area - computation of 3D deformation tensors and their evaluation using statistical functions, surface reconstruction in 3D space

  • Data post-processing and playback

  • Real-time value output to a multitude of connected A/D devices (DA converters and other generic binary or digital outputs to 3rd party applications)

  • Real-time input of external values (from AD converters or generic digital inputs to transmit data from testing machine sensors among others; and more; and other devices)

  • SW can be fully controlled via API commands and queries

  • Post-process

    • Computation of recorded data

    • Computed data browsing and evaluation

    • Display of color deformation maps

  • 3D VTK Export (generic export useful for any further data processing and import into CAE (CAD/FEM/CFD/CAE) systems such as ANSYS and ParaView