X-Sight Devices



Compact and slick video extensometer device that will fit your static and quasi-static experiments.

ONE can deliver high resolution for a wide range of applications like:

  • Tensile - Axial / Transversal
  • Compression
  • Bending
  • Shear
  • Torsion


The HT is a device designed especially for high-temperature applications and use with furnaces. 

A telecentric lens in combination with a high-resolution camera brings a very fine strain reading.

HT finds its place not only in high-temp application but anywhere a high resolution on a small field of view is needed


ROD is our state-of-the-art video extensometer optimized for tensile testing of reinforcing steel.

It is a dual-camera dustproof device designed for a rough industrial environment.

The unique ITT functionality of the Alpha software allows for measuring specimen with an oxide or rust layer, falling off significantly, making the use of standard video extensometers almost impossible.

The measuring system is aimed at being as simple and precise as possible in terms of minimal requirements for specimen preparation, calibration, and operator interventions.



Our smaller device named LOOP is designed to focus on a small area to capture very fine strain changes.

LOOP can deliver up to 2kHz of sampling frequency. This allows its use during fatigue experiments.

A typical use would be 10mm measurement length with the resolution of 0.2um