Strain Analysis Software Alpha

Simplex SW - Simple to Use but Complex in Features

X-Sight's strain analysis software Alpha is a user friendly interface between the operator and complex mathematical operations processing the digital images acquired by one of our devices.

You will love its simplicity while its advanced features will keep impressing you. 

  • Easily manageable calibrations
  • Method presets linked with the calibration
  • Simultaneous multi-probe measurement
  • A wide palette of available outputs
  • Lockable administrator account

Advanced Features

DIC Area

Digital Image Correlation brings a unique possibility to plot the distribution of strain and displacement over the measured area. Such a measurement outcome opens the option to perform a validation of numerically computed data by your experiment.


The Alpha software supports processing previously recorded data with the possibility to rearrange the measurement probes and its parameters. This feature helps to get the most information from your experiment in an easily understandable form.

Line Strain Distribution

A handy line based feature allows plotting a strain distribution over the line. This provides information comparable with DIC Area measurement, but without high demand for CPU performance, therefore it is suitable for real-time measurements.

Intelligent Tensile Testing

A smart function opening a new horizon for tensile testing of difficult specimens where an oxide or rust layer drops off and makes use of video extensometry nearly impossible.